Tetra Tech’s platform of digitally enabled solutions keeps water safe and secure by enhancing operations and safeguarding assets and infrastructure, optimizing water distribution and wastewater conveyance systems, and improving water quality and the operations of treatment facilities.

Operations and Security

A product platform of innovative tools that assess the security and vulnerabilities facing the operation of your water system.


Benchmark your SCADA system against water industry standards


Assess your water system for cybersecurity vulnerabilities and risks


Reduce operational downtime and rationalize your SCADA alarms

Quality and Treatment

Tools and resources that can improve water quality, optimize operations, protect public health, and meet treatment and regulatory objectives.

Chemical Feed Calibrator

Optimize chemical dosing for regulatory compliance


Identify microorganisms and troubleshoot your activated sludge process


Enhance the operation of your desalination facility with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.


Determine key design criteria for your PFAS treatment facility based on current water quality data.

Distribution and Conveyance

A suite of software applications that help optimize the systems used to distribute water and convey wastewater from source to discharge.


Reduce the amount of lost and unaccounted for water in your system


Enhance your decision-making process with data-driven insights, analytics, and visualizations


Eliminate sewer overflows and reduce capital spend by optimizing your sewer networks

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