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Wondering how well your SCADA assets are faring?

As critical business tools, operational technology (OT) assets like PLCs, HMIs, networking devices, and SCADA platforms enable your critical water and wastewater infrastructure to perform at expected capacity with minimal intervention.

Proactively managing and understanding how your essential OT infrastructure meets or falls short of industry best practices can provide key insights into downtime risks you may not have considered or even been aware of.

Addressing these risks early is critical to ensuring your assets don’t fail without warning, leaving you in an uncomfortable or costly scenario.

What can you do?

Condensed from thousands of hours of first-hand SCADA operations, maintenance, integration, and consultation experience, Tetra Tech offers our SCADA-360 Self-Assessment to enable entities of all skill levels and sizes to quickly identify what OT assets are at or above industry standards, and which require attention.

By completing the SCADA-360 Self-Assessment, you’re taking an invaluable first step to ensuring your critical infrastructure is secure and performing at its best for years to come.

SCADA-360 offers guided self-assessment in six key areas


Discover how physical assets like PLCs, networking equipment, servers, control panels, and other critical infrastructure components support or inhibit your ability to deliver water resources.


In this module, we’ll guide you in examining the current status of your SCADA software components and ancillary elements, including your data historian and patch management, to identify any weak links or performance inhibitors.

System Performance

This component helps you consider the intrinsic value that a SCADA platform provides for your organization and whether that value is fully realized and optimized. You will assess how your system is configured to approach alarms, bugs, trainability, level of data collection, and more.

Documentation & Change Management

Technical debt due to a lack of or poor documentation is most often a result of poor change management practices. It also is a significant contributor to excessive maintenance and emergency support costs. Through this assessment module, we’ll help you examine how well your critical assets are documented and how robust your internal practices are for maintaining key files and information.

Disaster Recovery

Assess your ability to respond to the unexpected. While we hope it never happens, when that rainy day does come, how well prepared will your organization be to recover from a major system failure?

Whether the event is a physical disaster like a fire or vandalism, or a targeted cyberattack like ransomware, we’ll help you determine if you’re well positioned to recover quickly and efficiently.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This module will provide key insights into how well you’re meeting industry and government best practices on cyber and physical security regarding your SCADA and OT assets. Ensuring your system is secure on both fronts is key to maintaining its long-term health and availability and preventing costly attacks.

How does it work?

Step 1: Register by completing the contact form below.

Step 2: A representative from our OT consulting group will contact you, to overview the self-assessment in a brief virtual meeting. (Typically same day or within 24 hours)

Step 3: You’ll receive the self-assessment form to complete with your team. Once complete, you’ll submit the form to the contact who provided it to you.

Step 4: A customized report will be generated with the following pieces of information: (Typically within 48 hours)

Step 5: You can choose to take action on your own or consult with our specialists on next steps.


Customized report details

Spider chart dashboard

This dashboard quickly shows you (1) target scores (2) self-assessment score and (3) industry averages. With it you will be able to quickly identify what aspects of your system are in good condition and what areas may need more urgent attention.

Customized report

Detailed background and assessment criteria will be provided, to give your team more insight into the evaluation scoring process. High level suggestions will be provided for the lowest scoring areas, enabling you to begin a plan of action towards improving your position in any lacking critical areas.

Cost proposal for full evaluation

While the assessment will provide your organization with an understanding of your overall SCADA health posture, it likely will not be enough to have clear and detailed recovery plans, or secure critical project funding. A more detailed and collaborative evaluation process will be provided for your team’s consideration, in the event that you wish to continue down the path with our expert guidance.

Will SCADA-360 require me to share confidential system details?

Tetra Tech will never ask you to share proprietary or secure information without proper legal protections in place.

When evaluating the overall scores within the 6 key assessment areas of SCADA-360, having a sense for the size and makeup of the system is critical for accurate evaluation and development of suggested recovery actions. This tool only requires high level qualitative and quantitative information about your OT platform such as the number of IO, SCADA tags, or screens.

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