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Safeguard your water system from cyber threats by evaluating your risk profile in alignment with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Tetra Tech specializes in guiding water sector entities through this pivotal journey of gaining a stronger cybersecurity posture, offering tailored solutions to navigate the impending landscape of cybersecurity regulations. In response to a surge in cybersecurity threats targeting critical infrastructure, the water sector is now focused on fortifying industrial control system cybersecurity. The imperative for stricter cybersecurity regulations looms large with all federal and local government branches contemplating legislative changes. The time to prepare for compliance is now, as understanding your current risk profile becomes the crucial first step in fortifying your cybersecurity posture.

Our Cybersecurity Risk Self-Assessment Tool is built from industry-recognized frameworks, including NIST CSF and ISA 62443 for the water sector. This tool supports utilities in navigating the intricate process of implementing cybersecurity principles to ensure compliance with continually evolving regulatory mandates. Customized for the water sector, it plays a pivotal role in filtering and prioritizing relevant cybersecurity controls aligned with anticipated federal and state regulations. The comprehensive methodology within the tool examines various cybersecurity elements associated with people, process, and technology. The cybersecurity risk profile report incorporates a meticulous analysis to determine risk tolerances and impacts, categorized by specific cybersecurity control sets. The critical security objectives are evaluated, weighted, and prioritized based on impact to utility operational sustainment requirements and filtered to inform a manageable implementation plan and roadmap.

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